My 8 Month Hiatus…

I’m sure you have noticed that I have taken a break from blogging for a while. The truth is, when I began this little endeavor it was a passion project for me. Taking the opportunity to share my food adventures and gastronomical journeys with whoever was interested filled my heart as well as my appetite.

But somewhere along the way I felt something was missing. My inspiration started wearing thin and I didn’t understand why.

So I took this hiatus to collect my thoughts and regain that innate desire to pencil the myriad of ideas constantly running through my head.

It took a while – Months of pondering and even feeling guilty for my lack of motivation. Until one morning, when I was going for my daily jog (music blaring in my ears), that I realized that there is so much of myself that I don’t really share. My writing became stifled because of the limitations I had set with regard to what I put out.

I also feel as though I am constantly changing. My quarter life crisis hasn’t been kind… I see it more as a stern teacher that continues to fail me in his class, every few months hoping it will be over soon. As a coping mechanism I decided to throw myself into a world I had tried to avoid like the plague for many years – exercise. With that, my eating habits have altered. I have had to become more disciplined in portion control with regard to what goes into my body.

So there it was – a schedule that had gone from being a working mom that had little to no time to herself to a woman that started prioritizing health and fitness. Better eating habits and a consistent workout routine was necessary for me to feel good on the inside

And though this struggle with myself had led to my lack of enthusiasm, I am glad to have finally figured it all out so I could re-launch this blog into something better. I will still be writing reviews on all the places I dine in as well as my experiences in my travels. My food consumption motto is ‘everything in moderation’ after all. That’s the beauty about portion control and exercise – you can still eat what you want. And cheat days are always a good treat! But asides from that, I will now be sharing my personal tips on cleanses that work for me, and fun workouts to try.

More recipes will also be coming your way! Cooking is one thing that keeps me inspired. From finding the right ingredients, to combining flavors, and sharing my food with others.

I will try to cover all aspects of wellness including pieces on body image. Being a mom, it is important for me to set an example and ALWAYS make my daughters feel comfortable in their own skin. It has always been difficult for me to detach my other roles from my writing – mom, wife, and homemaker. So I will also be incorporating these other “hats” I wear into my posts.

Thank you for being patient with me, and I look forward to sharing with you all soon!



When the croughnut made its way to Manila sometime last year, I was really excited to try the love child of two favorite pastries, the croissant and the doughnut. Though it was quite impossible to disappoint, I couldn’t find one that was really worth the calories. Many of the ones I’ve tried were quite oily and extremely heavy, without that strong flavor punch I was looking for. But last week I was given an assignment which took me to Scarsdale Artisanal Delights and I must say, I finally found my favorite croughnut. To begin with, I was always a fan of Gonuts Donuts and when owner Tina Lagdameo opened Scarsdale, I knew I had to check it out. This concept is definitely different, specializing in really awesome flavors that go beyond chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter. They have both sweet and savory treats as well as cool coffee concoctions and fun cocktails. I didn’t get to try everything, but I did have some favorites!





Doughnuts, Croughnuts, Cookies and Cupcakes for the taking!

Apple Pie Croughnut front and center

Other Croughnut flavors – Lemon Meringue, S’mores, Carlo’s Favorite & Butter Popcorn Filled

Croughnut Popper Sampler

Savory Croughnut Poppers – Jalapeño is a bestseller!

Croughnut Sandwiches are served with fries

Croughnut Chili Dog

Doughnut Cheeseburger


I had to – the lemon meringue is the best croughnut I have ever had! Perfect pastry with tart lemon curd filling and a beautiful meringue topping – YUM

The Cereal and Milk Doughnut – Another winner, filled with sweet milk cream and topped with crunchy frosted flakes

I of course took home a box of poppers for my family, but they have other cool choices as well such as locally made bottled spreads of cookie butter and chocolate

My happy little camper with her S’mores Doughnut


SCARSDALE ARTISANAL DELIGHTS is located in 514 S&R Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City (02)6317647

Follow them on instagram @scarsdale_ph




Medical Mayhem!

When our cousin who was finishing med school got engaged, it was really easy to select a theme for her bachelorette party… Medical Mayhem! My sisters and I went to town with this theme. Between the creativity of the eldest, the resourcefulness of the middle and my wedding planning expertise, the party came out quite cute and I am so excited to share the turnout with all of you.

We decorated the room with red crosses and caution signs. My sister even managed to find an ‘authorized personnel’ sign which you frequently see in hospitals and clinics. The girls were given ‘naughty nurse’ caps, ‘dirty doctor’ scrub caps and masks.

Fun caution signs from the hardware store and red crosses handmade from inexpensive poster paper

A nurse’s cap which my sister decorated with a red cross using the same poster paper of the decorative crosses

More nurse caps for guests

My middle sister decided to decorate the place with fun snacks guests could pick on while playing drinking games. She brought large acrylic containers filled to the brim with marshmallows in place of cotton balls, triscuits which looked like gauze, breadstick tongue depressors and bandage shaped crackers. We also had popcorn filled gloves, a tray of medical inspired iced cookies, chocolate chip nibblers and little jelly beans in medicine cups.

Tip: Rename ordinary items to fit your theme

More fun snacks!

Popcorn filled doctor’s gloves

We alternated sugar cookies (made by our mom) with chocolate chip cookies (made by me) for an added decorative touch

My favorite – Jelly beans made to look like pills

‘Wild ride’ cake that was ordered from Kink Cakes

And of course, what’s a bachelorette party without some hard liquor? With all the crazy drinking games going around, these came in handy for the winners AND the losers!

Vitamin Tea = Simple Rum Iced Tea which can be made with 3 parts sweet tea (for this particular one, we used a mango iced tea) and 1 part dark rum

Quite literal, this one, but what can be more fun than a syringe filled with tequila?

Brighten up vodka vaccine shots with floating gummy candy

Here are some other fun party elements we used to incorporate the medical theme.

Game paraphernalia

Prizes – everything from chocolate bars to beauty products and medical supplies

Party favors – Mints in personalized prescription bottles


1. Start with the GUEST LIST. Ask the bride which friends she would like to invite. It is also wise to stick to smaller, more intimate groups. Instead of having one big one, separate groups can throw her smaller ones. I.E. cousins, high school friends, college buddies, etc.

2.Pick a theme and stick to it. It is quite easy to make DIY props and accessories, you just have to be creative! A simple lamination machine made all the difference for this particular party.

3. Games are very important! You can find many online that are easy and simple as well as more elaborate options. Give your guests a good time and take advantage of being a full female group.

4. Hiring entertainment can be tricky. Know your crowd AND your guest of honor before bringing in some male entertainment. Though you can most commonly hire a stripper, there are many out there that have their limits (which is a good thing). Another plausible option is to bring in eye candy. Instead of hiring a “professional” just invite some cuties over for the after party. (And make sure they aren’t friends with the groom!)

5. Expenses – Because a bachelorette doesn’t necessarily require guests to bring a gift, you may ask guests to contribute some cash to a pot. This can be used for extra drinks, food, entertainment, etc.

Wedding is in 3 days, I am so excited for my cousin who will make the most beautiful bride, the most caring wife and an unbelievable doctor. So happy for this accomplished honey!!!

The author and the bride


Sister and Cousin love



My New Favorite

I was back in Cebu for a quick over night trip to judge a beauty pageant when I tried for the first time Kouign-amann. Hours after, I can think of nothing else. This bread was sweet and buttery, flaky and soft and truly one of the yummiest things I have ever eaten. I got home and googled this delectable pastry and here is how the ever reliable Wikipedia defines it:

Kouign-amann (pronounced [,kwiɲaˈmɑ̃nː] (kwee nwa-man), Breton pl. kouignoù-amann) is a Breton cake. It is a round crusty cake, made with bread dough containing layers of butter and sugar folded in, similar in fashion to puff pastry albeit with fewer layers. The resulting cake is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough (resulting in the layered aspect of it) and the sugar caramelizes. The name derives from the Breton words for cake (“kouign”) and butter (“amann”). Kouign-amann is a speciality of the town Douarnenez in Finistère, in the west of France, where it originated in around 1860.


Look at how beautifully crusty and sugary it is the outside is…

Flaky with a really soft inside…YUM!

It was fellow judge and top fashion designer Jojie Lloren who introduced me to this crazy deliciousness. It is available in the Tymad Bistro in Maria Luisa. Now I am on a hunt to find a good one in Manila.

Until then… Dreaming of my next encounter with the sinful treat!

Tymad Bistro Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City