Todd English

When the Todd English Food Hall opened it’s doors, many people lined up to see what the international celebrity chef had in store for our local palates. Though I had heard many mixed reviews about the place, I was quite excited to pay a visit myself. Upon entering, I must admit that I was quite impressed by the general vibe. The place is big and has stations that prepare different cuisines, much like a hotel buffet. Design wise, it is clean and contemporary but with pops of color, from the bright orange chairs (which are quiet comfortable I might add) to the decorative accessories on the walls. The low lighting sets an almost sexy tone, but what brings this mood to a whole new level is the music. Every time I’ve gone, there is a great playlist in the background.

The restaurant is divided into stations which prepare the various cuisines from Japanese sushi, Chinese dimsum, Mexican tacos and more

Bar seating

The dessert carousel, usually adorned with cupcakes or French macarons

Simple flatware, cutlery and glassware on the marble top tables

On to the food, because we were a group, we got a few starters to share. I will say this, the service was pretty fast, we didn’t wait long at all for our first orders of Fried Oyster and Calamari to come out. The oysters were fresh. Though I am not a fan, my companions all enjoyed the dish. It came with 4 pieces on a bed of salt and topped with creme fraicheĀ and micro greens. The calamari was fried to a brown crisp and served with a really subtle chipotle chorizo dipping sauce and a light arugula salad. I liked this dish a lot. We finished our appetizers off with a sampler of their sushi, the Rainbow Roll (made with fresh seafood) and the Dynamite Roll (a mix of cooked salmon and tuna, rolled, breaded and fried), both bigger than your usual japanese rolls. These were alright but not exceptional.

Fried Oyster 320Php

Calamari 250Php

Combination of the Rainbow Rolls 240Php and the Dynamite Rolls 250Php

Tighter shot of the Dynamite Roll

On to our mains, we got the Fig and Prosciutto Pizza as well as the Mac & Cheese with Lobster for the middle of the table. Their flatbread pizzas are said to be some of the best sellers on the menu. The dough is thin and crisp and this particular one was generously topped with a bright fig jam, paper thin slices of prosciutto, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, scallions and had hints of rosemary. Delicious! The mac and cheese was rich and creamy, just as you would expect, and the cheese that I felt came through the most in flavor was the mozzarella. You can get this with crab topping as well. Asides from these, we also tried their taco selection: Chicken Popcorn, Asada Steak and Fish. These came in 3 small rounds. The chicken sat on a spicy vermicelli salad which was nice and tangy. The beef was well cooked and flavorful, accompanied perfectly by the fresh pear salsa. Lastly, the fish was very fresh, fried to a crisp and on a bed black beans, salsa, guacamole and a nice cilantro-garlic dressing. All were good but it was small so make sure to order something to go with it if you are hungry. We decided to pair it with the bone marrow which was topped with toasted breadcrumbs and a helping of their sweet potato fries. If you want to end on a sweet note, make sure to sample the OMG dessert which is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I had this the first time I visited and it was rich and sinful.

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza 530Php

Mac & Cheese with Lobster 520Php

Chicken Popcorn Taco 280Php

Asada Steak Taco 320Php

Fish Taco 220Php

We decided to share so we could get a taste of each!

Side of Bone Marrow 200Php

Sweet Potato Fries 195Php

As a whole, I’ve enjoyed all my visits to Todd English. Is it the best food in the world? Probably not but it does not claim to be. I think it is good food at quite reasonable prices which is further completed by the experience you are getting. The service is good and the vibe is great… I would definitely come back!

Todd English Food Hall is located in 5/F SM Aura Premiere, C5 Road corner 26th street, BGC (02)6214004

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