My 8 Month Hiatus…

I’m sure you have noticed that I have taken a break from blogging for a while. The truth is, when I began this little endeavor it was a passion project for me. Taking the opportunity to share my food adventures and gastronomical journeys with whoever was interested filled my heart as well as my appetite.

But somewhere along the way I felt something was missing. My inspiration started wearing thin and I didn’t understand why.

So I took this hiatus to collect my thoughts and regain that innate desire to pencil the myriad of ideas constantly running through my head.

It took a while – Months of pondering and even feeling guilty for my lack of motivation. Until one morning, when I was going for my daily jog (music blaring in my ears), that I realized that there is so much of myself that I don’t really share. My writing became stifled because of the limitations I had set with regard to what I put out.

I also feel as though I am constantly changing. My quarter life crisis hasn’t been kind… I see it more as a stern teacher that continues to fail me in his class, every few months hoping it will be over soon. As a coping mechanism I decided to throw myself into a world I had tried to avoid like the plague for many years – exercise. With that, my eating habits have altered. I have had to become more disciplined in portion control with regard to what goes into my body.

So there it was – a schedule that had gone from being a working mom that had little to no time to herself to a woman that started prioritizing health and fitness. Better eating habits and a consistent workout routine was necessary for me to feel good on the inside

And though this struggle with myself had led to my lack of enthusiasm, I am glad to have finally figured it all out so I could re-launch this blog into something better. I will still be writing reviews on all the places I dine in as well as my experiences in my travels. My food consumption motto is ‘everything in moderation’ after all. That’s the beauty about portion control and exercise – you can still eat what you want. And cheat days are always a good treat! But asides from that, I will now be sharing my personal tips on cleanses that work for me, and fun workouts to try.

More recipes will also be coming your way! Cooking is one thing that keeps me inspired. From finding the right ingredients, to combining flavors, and sharing my food with others.

I will try to cover all aspects of wellness including pieces on body image. Being a mom, it is important for me to set an example and ALWAYS make my daughters feel comfortable in their own skin. It has always been difficult for me to detach my other roles from my writing – mom, wife, and homemaker. So I will also be incorporating these other “hats” I wear into my posts.

Thank you for being patient with me, and I look forward to sharing with you all soon!


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