Europe in the Summer

Last year my husband and I decided to take a much-needed break from our day-to-day lives. This came perfectly timed, as he had a scheduled few weeks in Germany for business. As he wrapped up the ‘work’ side of his trip, I bid my children “See you in a few,” and I boarded my flight.

I met him in my grandfather’s land of origin, where he waited for my arrival by the train, with a single rose in his hand. I guess the 3 weeks away made him miss me, and with romance in the air, we began our Europe summer together.

My next few posts will be a combination of food and my favorite spots in the places we visited – From the gorgeous greenery in Munich, to the warm and eclectic energy of Barcelona, to the beautiful and enlightening  streets of Paris.

Keep checking in, as I reminisce this wonderful adventure, with tangible memories that will last a lifetime!


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