Munich – A Day Through the Park

One of the most stunning places in Munich is the Old English Park. Our first day was spent just walking through the most beautiful gardens, which never seemed to come to an end. I was told that Munich in particular only sees a few days of sun a year. It is generally rainy and wet. We were lucky enough to experience one of those days (and when I say ‘one,’ I mean it quite literally as the next day poured rain). All of the city’s inhabitants came out to embrace the warm rays, dressed lightly, many seen walking through the city in just swimwear and flipflops.

The Isar River, which runs through the Old English Park

One of the gorgeous pathways, laden with both tourists and locals enjoying the warm weather

A closer look at the river, as I lean against one of the “love-lock” bridges, found all over Europe

The structures surrounding the gardens are astounding, but the endless manicured, lush greenery is truly breathtaking. Park benches are spread out so that you can have privacy. Even if there were so many people, I still felt a quiet calmness.

One of the many astounding structures you will come across – the Bavarian State Chancellery or Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Another lovely pathway, with picnickers relaxing in the shade

I could sit in these park benches all day, where I felt a true sense of peace

When it was time to grab lunch, we went to a Beer Garden, which is popular throughout Germany, but said to have the best ones in Munich. Of course, beer on tap is a staple, serving them by the liter.

The lunch crowd basking in the day’s warmth

Abandoned beer mugs left after they’ve been chugged

We built up quite an appetite, as we tried to see as much of the grounds as we could before our meal. I of course, could not resist the savory aromas, which basically led our path. As soon as we saw the food stalls, we decided to go with the staples: Currywurst, served with a heaping side of fries, pork knuckle, steckerlfisch, and a pretzel.

Currywurst with fries – simple steamed then fried pork sausage seasoned with a curry ketchup

Schweinshaxe is marinated Pork Knuckle which is then pre-boiled before it goes into a brine of garlic and spices. From there, it is roasted until the skin is perfectly crisp

Steckerlfisch – Fish such as mackerel, trout or fingerling seasoned then grilled on a stick. This is usually drizzled with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper

My husband’s weakness… Fresh Pretzels

More from Munich in my next post! Until then, enjoy!

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