When in Munich, Wiener Schnitzel

Our last night in Munich was spent leisurely walking through the city, taking in the cool air, the magnificence of the structures and simplicity of the stone pathways. Everyday at 11am and 12pm, then every evening at 5pm crowds rally to the Neues Rathaus to witness the Glockenspiel chime, recounting stories of the past through moving life-sized figures and the sounds of bells ringing. The Rathaus itself is an impressive structure that dates back to 1867. But what my husband and I found fascinating was that the mechanism behind these moving figures dates back over a hundred years yet still works like clockwork.

Our walk through the pretty city

Neues Rathaus

Of course, our trip would not be complete without sampling an authentic wiener schnitzel. Schnitzel is a staple in our home. It is an easy dish that is quick to make, and pairs perfectly with any vegetable. As one would expect, in Germany, the Schnitzel is elevated. Tender veal is pounded thin then breaded and deep-fried. It is usually served with a lemon wedge for that added acidity. We decided to go to Marktwirt, an adorable restaurant in the town square with private al fresco seating. This place is known for it’s Bavarian fare. Here, the schnitzel was served with a three-way salad and a side of beautiful fresh cranberries. We also sampled the Nurnberger Rostbratswurste(sausage), which was served with caramelized sauerkraut and horseradish. For dessert, we opted for an homage to the chef’s grandmother – Oma´s Apfelstrudel, served with vanilla bean ice cream.

Interiors at Marktwirt Restaurant

Cozy al fresco seating

Veal Schnitzel with Wild Cranberries

Nuernberger Sausage with Caramelized Sauerkraut and Horseradish

Apple Strudel

Marktwirt – Heiliggeiststrasse 2, 80331 Munchen

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