Dimsum for One

I have always been one of those people that enjoyed eating by myself. In a recent conversation I had with a friend, he mentioned that he could not sit in a restaurant alone, that it made him uncomfortable. I was surprised as I felt the opposite. Entering a restaurant and requesting for a table for one makes me feel liberated. I don’t know maybe I am my own best “frienemy” or maybe it is because I just don’t like to share food (smirk).

Today, I am having a late lunch after running a few minor home errands while waiting for my 3 year old to get off school. I pick Chinese (Cantonese Chinese) because I feel like anytime you eat it with a group your personal choices are limited. It is always the same mix of peking duck, sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli and yang chow fried rice. Not that I don’t enjoy those dishes, but sometimes I just want simple dimsum and birthday noodles.









My all time favorite dimsum is the Taro Puff. It is not easily found here anymore so when I get the chance, I go to places that still carry it on their menu like Hai Shin Lou (My favorite Chinese resto in the Metro) or Gloria Maris. I love the mashed taro, minced mushroom and pork mixture and how the outside is light and crispy. The acidity in the sweet and sour dipping sauce perfectly cuts the heaviness of this deep fried treat.

My meal for one wouldn’t be complete without an order of pork siomai. I grew up on this. From the canteen at my high school to the cafeteria where I went to University, to late night trips to the little Hen Lin branch outside my village, it was always a staple. 4 pieces with rice plus extra chili and calamansi please! I always have a box of siomai in my freezer from the homes of Reynoso or Bailon. Today, I am pairing my dimsum with simple birthday noodles. I am a big fan of egg noodles, the thicker the better!


  1. Tina Gabriel says:

    I love North Park especially their Crispy Noodles! I also love David’s Tea House’s steamed cua pao with condensed milk as a dip! :))

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