Sweet Bella

I decided to go on a late dinner date with my hubby last night so initially it was about finding a place that was still serving food at 10pm. We ended up in greenbelt 5 after our first few stops were closed. Luckily one of the newer restaurants on the strip’s kitchen was still open and even luckier, they had some fine dining choices which was what my palette was in the mood for. When I was young my paternal grandmother used to take me to have steak in Melos and I remember always liking it and the menu stated that the steaks were from there. (I later found out that the owner of Sweet Bella is Cristina Santiago – Rivera whose father owns Melos) Plus at P995 for the ribeye, I felt it was worth a shot.

I decided to try their Grade 6 Wagyu Ribeye which I found reasonably priced at P1,395. I won’t say it was the best steak I have ever had but it was quite nicely cooked and had good flavor. And at that price, I would go back and have it again. It was simply paired with smooth mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli and carrots. All of which were prepared well.

Grade 6 Wagyu Ribeye

I also sampled the Chilean Sea bass. The fish was fresh and did not have that unpleasant flavor that fish (most especially bass) tends to have when it is not cleaned well. It was cooked nicely but the skin was a bit too salty for my liking. It was good enough though and I enjoyed the vegetable sides. The scalloped potatoes were really good and I did not mind that it was heavy because it countered the lightness of the fish. Their mousseline sauce which was drizzled all over the plate was delicious, both consistency and the flavor-wise. I wanted more of that buttery goodness!

Chilean Sea Bass

I could not go to Sweet Bella with out sampling at least one of their desserts regardless of how full I already was. I opted tor the fresh strawberry tart which was really worth the extra calories. The tart shell remained crisp and the custard filling was tasty without being too sweet. The fresh strawberries on top were just almost frozen which made them easy to fork through and oh so refreshing. It was a really well balanced dessert. I could have eaten it without the chocolate topping but of course I gave into my indulgent side.

Fresh Strawberry Tart

I really liked the look of the dessert bar display. Though I don’t usually go for that type of dessert (I am more of a apple pie a la mode or chocolate cake kinda girl) it was pretty and inviting. I also liked their packaging. I will definitely be coming back to sample the other interesting items on their menu.

Dessert Bar

Pretty Packaging

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