Aussie Kitchen Dinner

The Manila Peninsula hosted a kitchen dinner featuring Australian cuisine. They brought in some chefs and ingredients and invited guests to sample the simple flavors from down under. Their banquet kitchen was set up buffet style, which made the event feel so laid back. It was nice to chat with the chefs as I sampled what they prepared.

I started with the cheese and dried fruit selections. The vintage cheddar was surprisingly my favorite on the platter as I usually prefer soft cheeses. It was not too sharp so I kept going back for more. The camembert and double brie were both good as well but nothing out of the ordinary. Of the soft cheeses I really enjoyed the blue brie. It had the strong stinky deliciouseness of blue cheese but was muted by the brie.

Cheese selection

Cheese selection

Dried Grapes

After I made my way to the sliders. These weren’t your typical ground beef mini burgers though… these sliders were made with seared and sliced kangaroo meat. I decided to try the meat alone first to understand the real flavor and texture. It was cooked medium well and it was similar to beef but a little bit gamier when chewed. It reminded me of venison as well. The sliders were packed with thinly sliced kangaroo, beets, arugula, caramelized onions and cheese. It was a really flavorful bite. Asides from the sliders, they also prepared a kangaroo jerky which was just like eating dry tapa. Since I was already feeling adventurous, I decided to sample the crocodile as well. It was served ceviche style with an intense dressing made with lemon juice, basil, parmesan, red and green peppercorn, chili, olive oil and a touch of honey. The marinade definitely overpowered the flavor of the actual crocodile meat as did the beets that it was served with. I was told that they usually get the meat from the croc’s tail and this particular bite was quite rubbery. I have no desire to have it again.

Kangaroo Slider

Loving the presentation











Kangaroo Jerky

Crocodile Ceviche

Moving on, I decided to go into more familiar territory by sampling their fish and chips and the lemon myrtle prawns. Both were nice. The fish was hearty and needed nothing more than a squeeze of lemon while the prawn sat on a beautiful bell pepper relish. The best dish of the night was the grilled lamb. Cooked to a perfect medium, the chops were juicy and so tasty. It is truly difficult to find lamb that flavorful and tender anywhere else.

Fish & Chips


Lemon Myrtle Prawns with Bell Pepper Relis










Grilled Lamb Chops

And of course, the night could not end without a bunch of Timtams and Violet Crumble!


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