Last Lunch at Nolita

I come into this lunch excited to see my friend but also quite sad. I will try not to cry. This will probably be our last lunch for a long time. In all the years that this friendship has been building, I have known that it was his goal to move abroad, preferably to the East Coast of the United States. He is a stylist who has also worked in retail and if you see his work, you will know that he is more than capable of climbing all the way to the top of the high fashion ladder in one of its greatest capitals. I always knew this day would come.

You see, this man I am meeting is one of the closest male influences in my life. We usually joke that in another life, we would be married and make beautiful babies together. In this reality though, that is not in the cards. I am happily wed and also, not his type so he plays the role of my best male friend instead. We try to go on these lunches once a month. We both love to eat so we try a new place almost every time. Sometimes, I take him to a new restaurant discovery and sometimes he takes me. Today I am taking him to Nolita because I asides from really enjoying the food, I want to get him excited about his big move to the big apple.

Said to be the closest you will get to an authentic New York style pizza, Nolita has flavors that will satisfy any taste palette. From usual options like regular cheese, pepperoni and cheeseburger to their tasty unique slices such as chicken parmesan, spinach and artichoke, buffalo chicken with blue cheese, sausage and pesto grilled chicken. I walk in feeling comforted by the familiar atmosphere and to see him there, well dressed and waiting. I can tell he is happy with my selection when he asks me “How have I never been here before?” Nolita has quite the appealing aura with its wooden tables and benches, pay as you order service and chalkboard menu. It gives you that very low key vibe yet impresses with food quality and flavor. We go up to make our selections and decide to split a buffalo chicken with blue cheese slice and a slice of the chicken parmesan. Both are delicious. The buffalo chicken with blue cheese is great because it gives you the satisfaction of eating pizza but has that hint of buffalo sauce which is not too overwhelming. The spice level is perfect. What I remember most about it though is that they did not scrimp on the blue cheese. Big dollops are spooned from top to bottom so if you are a fan of the moldy stuff, you will really enjoy this pizza. The chicken parmesan is my top choice of the day. The coating of the chicken perfectly balanced the tomato sauce, tender onions and mozzarella. The parmesan flavor was also evident but not overpowering.

If you are not in the mood for pizza, Nolita also offers many other interesting choices. I will start with the burgers because I had one the last time I came and it was YUMMY. I sampled the Angus all beef cheeseburger which is everything you hope for in a burger. They also have an option without cheese or the Nolita burger which has bacon, caramelized onions and a fried egg. Asides from the burgers they have hearty sandwiches such as the sliced steak sandwich, sausage and pepper sandwich, grilled chicken and broccoli sandwich with parmesan cheese, spinach egg Florentine sandwich, and a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich which I have heard great things about. Other interesting items on the menu include the stove top mac & cheese, honey garlic buffalo wings, beer battered onion rings, fried shrimp with Creole hollandaise and Tex-Mex savory bread pudding. We decide to sample the fried shrimp. Though it was cooked nicely with a nice firm and crisp breading, it didn’t blow me away. The Creole hollandaise could use a bit of improvement.

Asides from the great food, Nolita has a wide selection of beverages. From iced teas and coffees, fun floats and cocktails to a wide selection of wines and imported beers. It is a place that can go from a quick lunch stop to a happy hour hang out or a laid back dinner and drinks option. Don’t let the price points intimidate you. I too was wary when I saw that some of their slices were over Php200 but they looked so interesting that I had to give in and I wasn’t disappointed. Their slices are quite large and filled that one is definitely enough for a meal. The sandwiches are slightly higher priced but more filling as well. Bottom line is that you will enjoy your meal and leave satisfied. The quality of their food is good and the place is clean, well kept and inviting. Both of us agree that if time permits it, we will return one more time.
Before I end this, I’d like to leave this special message:

My Dearest L.A.,
I have cherished so much the time we have spent together, every meal, every movie, every shoot, every night out and every single moment in between. You are so much more than just a fashion mentor and friend… you are one of my most valued confidants as I could share with you things I could not share with others. Never judging and always full of support, I will miss having you at arm’s length. Go and exceed the expectations of those that doubted you, and accomplish everything that the ones that love you knew you always would.
Forever in my prayers and in my heart,


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