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A few months ago I asked Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama to write a piece on our local wagyu from the Kitayama farms. Now, he has incorporated their products into his menu with some new items. He pairs the beef with the different varieties of mushrooms from Marco Lobregat’s Ministry of Mushrooms. Both products really go hand in hand. I am so proud of our local farmers and the purveyors behind these goods. Asides from being of good quality, they remind us of just how much our country has to offer.

Beef Tataki with Uni and Chips

He started us off with rib eye and used it in a beef tataki with a butter-garlic-uni-soy sauce, which did not disappoint. The first thing I noticed upon tasting the dish was that none of the other flavors overpowered the actual taste of the meat. It was so tasty on its own. It was also very tender. I find that some times beef served this way can be tough and have an unclean taste. This one did not!  I also loved that he combined textures by adding some chopped shitake mushrooms into the mix, which added to the overall flavor of the dish. The sweet potato chips were a great accompaniment. They were light and crisp and perfect for scooping up the tataki.

Thai Spiced Tri-Tip with Jasmine Rice and Pineapple Salad

The second course featured the tri-tip. It was crusted with cilantro and coriander seeds then seared and sliced thinly. I found the meat to be really nicely seasoned. It sat on a rice salad, which was made with glazed pineapples, toasted cashews, cucumber and tomatoes then dressed with a really yummy red curry dressing. I could have had a whole bowl of that rice. Each grain had that nice bite to it that well cooked rice usually has. The dressing just had that hint of curry, which allowed the coconut milk flavor to shine as well.

Soy Prawn Teppan with Uni Cream Sauce

Taking a break from the beef, our 3rd course was a simple prawn teppan with uni cream sauce, which sat on a light and beautiful bisque. I love prawns so this was heaven for me plus the bisque was so nice and buttery!

Milky Mushroom Steak & Striploin with Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek

The 4th and 5th courses were served as a duo of beef and mushrooms. The beef came in 2 ways, a roasted striploin with a salt and pepper crust which sat on shredded wagyu beef cheek. Between the two, I preferred the cheek. It was tender and delicious, braised in a tempura like sauce, which added a hint of sweetness. Chef Him topped the beef with a beautiful teppanyaki style oyster mushroom… Yum! The second element of the plate was the mushroom steak topped with fried onions. This is a new variety of mushroom called the ‘milky mushroom’ named for its creamy texture and white color. It had the same bold flavors that the beef had so I could have even had that alone, it is good option for vegetarians.

Teppan with Yuzu Gelato

With a meal this satisfying I was expecting the 6th course, dessert, to be ordinary… I’m glad I made space. He served us a fruit teppan with yuzu gelato which was excellent. A combination of mango, strawberry and kiwi were cooked and finished with a kaffir lime syrup. They were so sweet, almost candy-like. The gelato was wonderfully tart to balance out the sweetness of the fruit. It was topped with crunchy sesame brittle which just elevated the whole dessert. I was so full but had a second serving, what a sin!

Standing: Cuisinart’s Liz Tan, Chef Him Uy de Baron, Pinkerton’s Xandra Rocha, and I. Seated: Food Magazine’s EIC Nana Ozaeta, Ianne Evangelista and JJ Yulo

Nomama is located at FSS II Building, Scout Castor cor. Scout Tuason street. 63999 – 8813365

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