URBN Bar & Kitchen

When Urbn Bar & Kitchen opened its doors last December it quickly became one of the most happening clubs to hit the scene. It is a huge space and the music is always good. I also found that the drinks were reasonably priced and though the cocktails were common, they were yummy and refreshing.

So they had the ‘bar’ part down but what about the ‘kitchen?’ I was lucky enough to sample some entrees from its dry run menu and was pleased to see that they just may succeed as well as a restaurant.

The Blackbenny Angus Burger

I usually make a preliminary judgment on a place when I try its burger. I feel like if you can’t do a decent burger, you may be in a bit of trouble. Of course a burger is usually designed to the specs of the consumer, but I go straight to the patty and taste it naked. After which I taste it as a whole with all the toppings and of course, the bread (which to me is just as important as the meat). Urbn’s Black Benny Angus Burger is quite nice. The patty itself had a tasty grilled flavor and the beef was fresh. My favorite part was the soft brioche bun and the onion jam. Their combined sweetness balanced the flavorful patty. This came with sweet potato fries, which I personally found a bit thick but tasted good when paired with their homemade aioli.

Crispy Duck Leg

Next I sampled the Crispy Duck Leg… this was divine. The skin so beautifully crispy while the meat was perfectly cooked and full of flavor. This to me was an awesome dish. It sat on a bed of mushroom risotto, which was just alright but a good siding because it in no way overpowered the duck and paired well with the red wine jus. I would return for this dish.

My Aunt Litzie’s Lasagna

Double Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly

I then tried My Aunt Litzie’s Lasagna. I enjoyed it because it was authentic and felt like I was eating in someone’s home. It was true comfort food, which is what one would expect from this staple. I paired this with the Double Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly. Though the skin was crunchy, this was my least favorite dish as a whole. The flavor was not bad and the meat was cooked well but there was too much fat for my taste.

Australian Rack of Lamb

Last but not least, I sampled the Australian Rack Of Lamb. It was tender, cooked to a perfect medium. The crust was nice and salty but not too much that it overpowered the flavor of the meat. I also really enjoyed the tangy yogurt sauce, which gave the dish a hint of a Persian vibe. The pumpkin it sat on was so simple but executed quite nicely. It added the perfect sweetness to the dish to balance out the salt from the lamb and sour notes on the sauce.

Classic Souffle – Chocolate

And as always, I never leave a place without sampling dessert… Tonight I only had room for one so I picked a simple chocolate souffle.



  1. Rainie says:

    That souffle looks awesome! Did it come with a sauce?

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