Korean is one of my favorite cuisines. I would take Korean barbecue over most others any day of the week. I love the way the sweet marinade combines with the grilled flavor of the meat. When Sariwon opened in the Bonifacio High Street Central, I was really excited to try it. The menu was simple which I appreciated, as were their dishes. I found my dining experience truly enjoyable. The staff was nice and well versed on the menu items. Even if we came close to closing time, they welcomed us with a smile, quickly readied a table for us and brought us antibacterial wipes. I appreciate these little gestures because so often do you come across restaurants that serve good food but have an abhorring staff.

Antibacterial Wipes

Another element I loved about Sariwon was the little plates of complimentary starters that come before your meal: An assortment of pickled veggies, sweet potato mash, traditional kimchi and my favorite of all, their dilis.

Complimentary Starters of Pickled Vegetables, Sweet Potato Mash, Kimchi & Dilis

Sweet Potato Mash



Being a beef lover, I wanted to sample both the Sariwon Bulgogi and their Grilled Galbi. Both were great. The meat was tasty and you could really tell the flavors in the marinade. I am not the biggest fan of broth with my meat so I definitely preferred the grilled options but I did welcome the noodles, mushrooms and leeks that came with the Bulgogi. For the grilled options, I sampled both the Galbi and the Seng Galbi which is a higher grade and slightly more expensive. Naturally the better beef gave the better flavor and texture but honestly, I enjoyed both. The Galbi will satisfy the craving while the Seng Galbi will satisfy the foodie. Either way, the customer is happy.

Sariwon Bulgogi

Asides from the beef, I sampled their Dak Galbi. The spice level was good and the flavor was as well. Though it was very nicely seasoned it is not the best I have tried. What I did really like was their Hameul Pajeon. This potato, shrimp and spring onion pancake is one of my ultimate favorite Korean dishes and Sariwon makes a really tasty one that has a nice texture to it as well. Plus the dipping sauce was great!

Dak Galbi


Haemul Pajeon

All in all, Sariwon was a good dining experience. I would return because asides from the food being good, I found the price points reasonable. This coupled with the friendly staff and accessible location makes it a winner for me.

Sariwon is located in U/GF Bonifacio High Street Central, West Superblock, 7th Avenue corner 29th street, Fort Bonifacio.


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