Couple’s Dinner at ‘Cue

My husband and I love to go out to dinner with small groups of friends. Whether it is a double date or an intimate group of 6, we look forward to catching up over a yummy meal. This particular dinner was special because we rarely get to see our good friends Jon and Pebbles as they come in and out of town a lot. On this beautiful July evening, they invited us, along with another couple we are close to, Marco and Giselle to sample their new restaurant, Cue.

Of course, Armand and I had already eaten there before. Then we had sampled what they are famous for, the baby back ribs which were delicious. I especially like the sauce. This time, we were ready to try the other best sellers on the menu, and who better to show us than the owner himself. We were more than happy for Jon to order for us. The gracious host that he is, he made sure to get things that everyone in the table was looking to taste.

We started off with what felt like every option on the menu. First, the duo of wings, spicy fried and fried buttermilk. I personally liked the spicy fried because it was really crispy and different from the typical buffalo style which can be found anywhere. This is a taste you will probably only get from the wings at Cue. The fried buttermilk was nice and sweet which balanced the spice of the other variant. Also, it was served with simple sour cream as a dipping sauce, a definite plus for me. After the wings came my personal favorite thing on the menu, the bone marrow and steak tacos. These are excellent. I will admit, I am not cholesterol or health conscious when I am eating out so I didn’t even feel guilty indulging. You take the mini soft tortilla, spread a bit of that lavish bone marrow, top it with a piece of the tender steak and chimichurri sauce and pop it in your mouth… pure deliciousness. A follow up bite of the corn siding won’t hurt either. All the flavors truly complement each other. Then, the bamboo clams. I am not averse to clams but I don’t love them either. However, these were great. They tasted buttery and fresh. I took bread and drenched it with the juice. The one last appetizer that came was cue’s chili monggo. Again, I enjoyed this dish a lot. Thick cut slabs of bacon steak that are meant to be topped with what is an infusion of American flavored chili with monggo, a Filipino staple. The spice level was perfect and the flavor was spot on. I was beginning to get full so I had to pace myself as our mains were still on the way.

I love burgers so I had to try the cue house burger. The double patty is oozing with cheese. The veggies were all fresh and the red onion was sliced thinly enough to not add too much of a bite. It was served with sweet potato fries, ketchup and alioli. It was a great choice. Asides from the burger, I wanted to sample their fish tacos. Though it was good, it reminded me a lot of the fillet – o – fish of McDonalds and could not compare to the steak tacos I had just had.
The boys in our table indulged in a meat fest. I was lucky to have a taste of the hand cut charred corned beef. The whole dish had such a homey vibe, tender fresh tasting beef, steamed purple and green cabbage with carrots and sweet potatoes and horseradish and whole grain mustard. It was delightful and the perfect serving size for 2 to share… a great date night dish! The beef belly with a side of onion rings wasn’t bad either. It is a more sophisticated dish and had great flavor. For the sides, the corn fried rice was nice and the garlic cream of corn was even better. It had corn right off the ear in a nice light cream sauce.

I know this sounded like a whole lot but we weren’t about to not cap it off with dessert. Between us all we got the caramel pecan cheesecake, apple pie and the chocolate chip cookie cake. All were nice but to be honest, difficult for me to really say because I was so so full.
The overall experience for me was everything I need in a restaurant. Great food for fair price points is always a reason to come back. And yes, I truly love the owners… but beyond that I really did like my meal. I also like all the design elements of the place. It was cohesive with the menu and I think they executed the vibe they were looking for. The service was great. Our server’s name was Dean and I wouldn’t have remembered if he didn’t make an impression. He was attentive and had a cheerful disposition. Oh and did I mention earlier that the President was in the table right next to us? Yup, PiNoy himself was there looking quite relaxed and like he too, was enjoying his meal.

Cue Modern Barbeque is located at the ground floor of the East Superblock, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio.


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