Yolanda Aftermath…

After every bad storm has hit the Philippines, I wonder what is worse, nature’s wrath or the aftermath? In this case I have no words… My heart is broken. I cannot even comprehend how the survivors are coping. Our brothers and sisters have lost everything. It wasn’t just the houses, but their homes. It wasn’t just jobs, but their livelihood. It wasn’t just their city, but hospitals, schools, orphanages. It wasn’t just a an acquaintance, it was their mother, their husband and in the worst cases, their children…

I am trying my best to not ask ‘why’ or where God was on that day because my beliefs tell me to have faith. But I need to put it out there that my country did not, could not have deserved this type of destruction… Please Lord, take extra special care of these victims at this time of immeasurable need. Please Guardian Angels, do not leave their side.

At this point I would also like to break my silence about all the finger pointing and the small ‘wars’ that this mess left in its wake. Let us stop with the negativity. In an already devastating situation, let us not focus on what people should have done or could have done, especially if we are not in a position to make those decisions and trust those we have put in power. Though I know it is frustrating because of the countless donations, whether it is P5 or 5 million and the time and energy we have all put into relief, we have to believe no matter how hard our patience is being tested, that they will go to those in need in the soonest time possible. TO THOSE WE HAVE PUT IN POWER, I trust that you see the desperation. I know many of you are doing everything you can but I have also been jaded by the years of corruption I have witnessed. If you can, please make sure that all the donations in cash and kind go STRAIGHT TO THOSE IN NEED. No playing favorites, no red tape, no biases. And dare I say it, NO TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION OR THE HELP COMING IN.

I am but a citizen who may not see or understand what is truly going on but my tears have not stopped for days. Like everyone else, I am doing the little I can and clinging on to prayer, wanting to see a change.

I will not use this to post my chosen benefactors or relief operations because by this time, I have seen EVERYONE doing their part. I am so proud of my relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers I see making a difference on the news and on social media. We have truly come together as one. I am also so humbled by the international assistance we have received. It gives me faith in humanity. A special thanks to all the international journalists who brought us the world’s attention and to all the military forces, both Philippine and international. Your tireless efforts from the ground truly brought immediate assistance. You are ALL heroes.

My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by Yolanda, directly or indirectly. If there is one thing I am positive of, it is that the Philippine spirit is truly waterproof.

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