Bamba Modern Bistro

One of my oldest and dearest friends recently opened a sweet little restaurant in the heart of BF homes. Bamba Modern Bistro is settled on Aguirre st., which is known for its many eateries. I was excited to spend the afternoon sampling her delicious dishes over ‘beergaritas’ and hefty bouts of laughter.

The restaurant is small but has separated dining areas: outdoor seating which is casual and 2 separate indoor seating areas, one is tiny, perfect for an intimate date or a small party of 6 and the other, the main dining area. It is so quaint and comfortable which is very indicative of the food: comforting and relaxed. Fine dining made more approachable, or comfort food elevated.

I love this setting…

We started with the B.L.T.C., a hearty canapé topped with bacon, marinated lettuce, sun dried tomato and ricotta. These big bites are very tasty so if you favor bland food, you may not be sold. It is predominantly salty with sour notes. We also had the Le Cochon Sliders, which was my favorite of the day. It starts of with soft rolls stacked with a red cabbage slaw, crispy pork belly, fried wanton and a special eel sauce. I know, it sounds like a heart attack on a plate but it is really worth it. The pork belly is the definite star, fried to a perfect crisp then re marinated in a soy vinegar dipping sauce. I thought that I would not finish because it is quite a big plate but I savored every last morsel!

B.LT.C 280Php

Le Cochon Sliders 350Php

For our mains, we opted for pasta. Her idea of ultimate comfort food is Spaghetti Bolognese. It was everything you would expect from one: firm noodles and a tasty meat sauce, My pick was the Duck Ravioli, pasta filled with ground duck and ricotta in a porcini cream sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognese 200Php

Duck Ravioli 495Php

For dessert, I opted to try What’s My Name Again which is a simple combination of chocolate, cream and crunch. It was alright, but you know me, a bit of a dessert snob. I did thoroughly enjoy the box of Bettina’s Kitchen ensaimadas I took home.

What’s My Name Again?! 150Php

Like I predicted, it was an afternoon of yummy eats and hilarious conversation. I didn’t expect happy hour to start quite so early, but frozen beer or not, it is always a blast when catching up with this chef and wonderful friend! I love you Teens… Only you have the power to make me laugh until my tears fall out.

Sipping a Beergarita with my great friend, chef and owner Cristina Legarda

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