Going Gluten Free in La Nuova

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in town is La Nuova. Situated across the San Antonio church in Mckinely, it is perfect for a post mass dinner. It is also right beside Mercury Drug, Rustan’s Supermarket, BPI, National Bookstore and many other establishments, which makes it the perfect lunch stop for busy mommies out to run errands.

When there, I have to resist taking home tubs of the wide range of Antipasto from their chiller. Marinated olives, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes in one end and salamis, chorizos and cheeses in the other. They also have many delicious desserts and cakes. If you are a first timer, you must grab their Sansrival chips that come with a butter dipping sauce. Yum!

My staples when dining in are usually a pizza (I love the Margherita and Quatro Stagione), a pasta (Vongole Al Vino Bianco or Agli Olio Con Gamberi) and of course dessert – the Tartuffo.

Today, we decided to go gluten free with our orders, but as always, I could not resist their crisp flat bread served with Marinated Tomatoes and Pate.

Complimentary Spreads, served with Flatbread

Our appetizer was Carpaccio di Manzo alla Toscana, another Italian restaurant staple on my list. This is yummy and well marinated, I just don’t care for the black olives.

Carpaccio di Manzo alla Toscana

Our mains were simple: the clams from the Vongole (no pasta today) and Creamed Spinach and Mushrooms.

Vongole Clams

Creamy Spinach and Mushrooms

My dear best friend and constant companion Ines.

La Nuova San Antonio Plaza, Mckinely Road, Forbes Park

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