Valentine’s Date

I’m a sucker for Hallmark card holidays and Valentine’s is no exception. Though I don’t need to be spoiled with flowers, I do expect to be taken out for some yummy food (and maybe a box of candy). This year we decided to try Robby Goco’s Green Pastures. Though I was never the biggest fan of Cyma, I remember loving Tequila Joe’s (previous concepts of the chef) so I was excited to sample his farm-to-table food.

We started with the KFC (Korean fried cauliflower), which was out of this world. Fresh and crisp cauliflower, battered and fried then glazed in a honey-soy-sesame reduction.  Excellent!

KFC Korean Fried Cauliflower 185Php

Because this place is known to whip up some homemade cheeses daily, we followed that with fresh Ricotta, topped with an onion jam and served with roasted garlic and toast. This was also an outstanding dish, simple yet bursting with different flavors and textures in your mouth – the soft, muted saltiness from the cheese, the sweet notes from the onion jam and buttery garlic, the crunch from the bread.

Ricotta 255Php

Our first main course was the Sliders, a triple sampling of the burgers they serve. Don’t let the term ‘slider’ fool you… this is a huge plate of food. I would say it is good for 2-3 if you are getting other mains. All burgers hit the spot but I especially liked the vegetarian one because it had a fried onion and a really tasty patty with a good consistency considering it was meatless.

Sliders – 80/20 burger, blue ribbon burger, vegetarian burger 435Php

Our next main was the Crabmeat and Uni Pasta. This was heaven, my absolute favorite of the day. It is an olive-oil based spaghetti with lemon, chives and the beautiful gritty flavors of the sea. Though there was no dairy, it was rich and creamy. The perfect pasta dish!

Crab Meat and Sea Urchin – lemon, chives, spaghetti 385Php

Lastly, I could not resist giving in to nostalgia when I saw that the menu revived Tequila Joe’s Sloppy Cow (salpicao), this time using organic tenderloin.  The sauce was just as yummy as I remembered, and the roasted garlic that was smothered in it added that perfect touch to each bite. Served with garlic bulgur, which I drowned in the left over jus.

Tequila Joe’s Organic Sloppy Cow – homemade jus, mushroom glace and organic bulgur 495Php

It was such a satisfying meal I definitely did not have room for dessert… My yummy hubby would have to do! Happy Valentine’s everyone!

My forever valentine…

Green Pastures is located in 4/F Shangri-La Mall, East Wing


  1. Thank you for sharing your Green Pastures experience! :)

  2. Anonymous says:


    Decided to read your blog just today and by far I have made the right decision to! I have been looking for salpicao that tasted like tequila joes and thank God you found it! Thank you for posting this even I know you’ve celebrated your valentines like two months ago but still

    • sweetestgeorgiapeach says:

      Awesome, I’m so glad… Please go try it, it is so awesome and now made with grass-fed beef!!!

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