The Vask Gallery

It’s been a while since my last post because I am in the middle of moving homes. Just last night I was invited to sample Vask’s Carluccio menu, a gastronomic, 14-course degustation. Though I was busy, I could not let the opportunity pass. My one regret is that I had to miss the last 2 courses, but I was quite stuffed! I hope you enjoy this photo-blog on the evening’s interesting and exemplary dishes.

Magellan’s Dimsum Cheese Course – Manchego Cream Cheese Dumpling with Melon, Parmessan Xiao Long Bao, Bleu Cheese Dimsum

Palate Cleanser – Apple Wanton with Japanese Leaf

Tasting Menu

Tuna Pod – Kalamata Olives, Basil, Local Tuna, Lemongrass Ice Cream

Beer Urchin – Sea Urchin, Beer Clams, Foie Gras Powder, Orange

Ravine – King Aligue Local Crab, Coconut Meat, Avocado Cream, Pumpkin Pebbles, Buko Soup

Wood – Grilled Baby Squid, Wood Onion Chips, Onion and Whiskey Broth

Metal – Sous Vide Iberian Pork, Okra Seeds, French Oyster, Neri-uni & Umeboshi Sake Sauce

Foie in a Rock – Earl Grey & Barley Emulsion, Barley Crumbs, Plum Smoked Mirin, Grilled Foie Gras

Atlantic – Sole, Iberico Pil Pil, Pansit Pansitan, Bok Choy, Crispy Quinoa

Palm Crisp – Coconut Sorbet

Earth – Grilled (GradeA5) Wagyu, Stalk, Miso, Oil Beetroot, Ginger Creme Fraiche, Confit Ginger, Cilantro Roots

Roger Rabbit – Baby Carrot Sous Vide, Nutmeg, Greek Cardamon Yogurt, Truffle Crumbs, Tomato Basil Sorbet

Taho – Goat Milk Tofu, Caramel Tapioca, Ginger Syrup


VASK is located in 5/F Clipp Center, 11th Ave, Taguig


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