About Me

I am a writer who is completely obsessed with food and this blog is dedicated to that… My passion for cooking, baking and most of all, EATING. Here, you will get to know a side to me that truly completes who I am. I will share anything and everything that has to do with food in relation to me. From memories to favorite restaurants to my own special recipes.

Don’t take this blog too seriously, there is no real chef here. I have not been formally or even informally trained (unless you consider watching my mom and my yaya growing up in the kitchen). Most of my ideas about food come initially from enjoying the bursts of flavor in my tongue and the different textures in my mouth. I couldn’t properly butcher a slab of meat or debone a fish. To be honest, I don’t even enjoy chopping vegetables or leveling flour. But I attempt to do it because I love taking raw ingredients and creating something that is both satisfying and irresistible. Plus, I love how happy it makes the people ¬†around me. The coming posts can be about anything from fried tuyo to foie gras. I can’t promise a culinary education but I do promise honesty in every sentence I write.

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Happy reading and happy eating!!!