Mercado de La Boqueria


A trip through the colors and chaos of one of the biggest markets in Barcelona will always be one of my favorite days! From the fresh produce, the … [Continue reading]

Hola Barcelona!

Calamares a la Plancha con Donostiarra en su Tinta

It would be hard to encompass my experiences in Barcelona. In simple but true terms – I fell madly in love. From the scenery, to the art and … [Continue reading]

When in Munich, Wiener Schnitzel

Our last night in Munich was spent leisurely walking through the city, taking in the cool air, the magnificence of the structures and simplicity of … [Continue reading]

Sunday in Munich – Pastries and Church

The long, beautiful aisle of Frauenkirche

We began our Sunday with a quick trip to one of Germany’s oldest and most well known bakeries, Rischart. The place is quite large, so it was … [Continue reading]

Munich – A Day Through the Park

Schweinshaxe is marinated Pork Knuckle which is then pre-boiled before it goes into a brine of garlic and spices. From there, it is roasted until the skin is perfectly crisp

One of the most stunning places in Munich is the Old English Park. Our first day was spent just walking through the most beautiful gardens, which … [Continue reading]

Europe in the Summer


Last year my husband and I decided to take a much-needed break from our day-to-day lives. This came perfectly timed, as he had a scheduled few weeks … [Continue reading]